“But all things should be done decently and in order.” (I Corinthians 14:40)


Rocky Mountain District Financial Trend

One thing is constant, it’s change.

This is evident in the voluminous publications and articles of legal, administrative management, human resource and accounting that come through my office on a monthly basis. It can be overwhelming sometimes keeping up to date on the changes the business world faces that it can feel like a part time job. The church is not immune from these changes either. Despite this constant change, churches weather these fluctuations by continuing with the unchanging mission of preaching the Gospel.

Our latest fiscal year ended January 31, 2017 at the district. We thank our generous congregations that provide prayer and financial support to your district’s missions. However there is a giving trend to the district that continues apace, affecting current ministry and potential for future mission work. As the graph below indicates, congregational giving to the district, which is 97% of the financial support the district operates from, has been in consistent decline.

Even in the face of this decline, God continues to provide resources for ministry in your district. We are blessed and privileged to have the hundreds of church workers and thousands of laity in the Rocky Mountain District, proclaiming and living out Christ’s love and mercy.

Congregations or individuals who desire more financial information on their district can request a copy of the last audited financials, January 31, 2016. The fiscal year end January 31, 2017 financials will become available in June. Please contact the district office to request a copy.

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Remittance Voucher to Rocky Mountain District (excel) – Please use the attached remittance voucher form when remitting contributions of any amount and any purpose.

Church Worker Salary Scale

The church worker salary scale was updated during a email Board of Directors meeting in August.  There is a slight change.  Although the base salary amount is updated in August, that amount is valid until the next review period which is anticipated in May 2017.  Any applicable adjustment will be made and communicated then.

Salary Guidelines & Information (pdf)
Salary Scale – Table A (pdf)
Salary Worksheet (excel)