Partners in Mission Fund

The fund provides individuals and congregations an opportunity to support the annual mission and ministry of the District over and above regular offerings and pledges.  These special gifts serve to cover any giving gap between offerings and budget needs.  Gifts are used solely for the annual mission and ministry work of the District for carrying out its Focus: Know the Truth, Understand the Culture, Live the Faith.

Individuals, congregations, and groups pooling their offerings facilitate fulfillment of the Rocky Mountain District annual mission and ministry budget. The good news is that 100% of every dollar given to the Rocky Mountain Partners in Mission goes to Rocky Mountain District ministry and missionaries.

We invite you to become a partner in the mission and ministry of the Rocky Mountain District to reach thousands with the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. You can become a mission partner with the Rocky Mountain District today!

How You Can Help

To give online please click here.

To contribute, please send your check payable to the Rocky Mountain District – LCMS. On the memo line include “Partners in Mission.”

Send to:

Rocky Mountain District – LCMS
88 Inverness Circle East
Unit A-210
Englewood, CO 80112