Hispanic Ministry

About the Rocky Mountain District Hispanic Ministry Task Force

The mission of this task force is to

  • Educate and inform congregations and their leaders about latinos living in RM district who need to hear the gospel
  • Encourage and support congregational leaders in preparing their members to reach out to latino communities and provide welcome to new latino members
  • Provide congregations with resources and examples to aid them in outreach to latinos

Task Force Members

Pastor Dustin Kear, pastor@ilcabq.org
Keyler Masinelli, keymasinelli@icloud.com
Pastor Dan Sattelmeier, dsattelmeier@sbcglobal.net
Pastor Joshua Vanderhyde, pastor@faithcarbondale.org
Erica Jacoby, erica@higherthings.org

Background Information

Demographic ResearchFor specific demographic studies of your area, congregations can contact Kevin Grein of LCEF. Phone 303-408-1971 E-mail: kevingrein@lcef.org

CTCR document on Immigration

Hispanic Ministry Matters

‘A real hunger’: Opportunities abound for LCMS Hispanic ministry
Hispanic Heritage Month: Q&A with the Rev. Zabdi Lopez

Services and Resources


Experts List


Spanish Language or ESL Services