Circuit Visitor Conference 2021

The September 20, 2021 Circuit Visitor Conference featured two speakers regarding the use of virtual technology.  

Theology + Technology

By Pastor Trevor Sutton

Pastor Trevor Sutton presents a framework for understanding how to approach and critically assess technology as it relates to ministry.   He provides key considerations for pastors as they seek to use technology to proclaim the Gospel in ways that are faithful to Scripture and the Confessions. 

Technology and Mission: Experiences from Silicon Valley

By Pastor Paul Schultz

Conversations around the use of technology in the church often focus on the problems, limitations and challenges. Part of the reason is that the subject is approached from the perspective of preserving our churches instead of advancing God’s mission. By reframing the issue through the lens of God’s mission, a world of opportunities open to creative ways to use technology as a medium to grow God’s kingdom. The goal of this presentation is to pose some questions that may stimulate new thinking and ideas for technology and mission.