Calls & Vacancies

Refer to the sub menus under the Calls and Vacancies menu for the most recent vacancy opportunities for our district’s churches and schools.

Calling a New Pastor

The district has numerous resources and material for congregations to use during the call process. Memo-to-congregations-calling-a-seminary-graduate-web and Calling-from-the-field_call-doc-instructions-web to help with considering extending a call from a pastor currently in the mission field or a candidate from the seminary. Please contact the District and we will provide the necessary documents and guidance to help you navigate this process.

Calling a Commissioned Minister

Additional resources and material are available for congregations to utilize during the call process for Commissioned Ministers. Procedures-call-document-CM-webto help guide you through the process.  Please contact the District office and we will provide the necessary documents to help navigate through the process.