Southern Tri-Circuit Pastors Conference


May 2- 4, 2022

Yet another epic Southern Colorado Tri-Circuit Pastors’ Conference!

ALL SESSIONS will be at The Colorado Farm Brewery

2070 County Road 12 South in Alamosa, CO

Cost is $120, for Emeritus – no charge

Homiletical Guru, Rev. Dr. David Schmitt† of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, will examine:

  • What are postmodern trends shaping American culture?
  • What forms the sensibilities of people inside and outside the church?
  • How do current homiletical scholars approach preaching and postmodernity?
  • How does the role of narrative, image, and dialog intersect with the preaching task?

In preparation, please read this book: Preaching at the Crossroads by David J. Lose: BUT!!! SKIP ch. 2‡

Here’s the Schedule:
Monday May 2
12:00 – Lunch on your own
1:30 – “Defining Postmodernity: Theory and Experience”
2:50 – Break time!
3:00 – “Postmodern Sensibilities and Rhetorical Possibilities”
4:30 – Closing Prayer/ Hotel Check-in
Evening at the Farm Brewery!

Tuesday May 3
8:00 – Worship
8:40 –Schlechte’s Time!
9:00 – “Engaging the Postmodern Context: Preaching in Images”
10:20 – Break time!
10:30 – “Engaging the Postmodern Context: Story and the Construction of Identity”
12:00 – Lunch on your own/ Afternoon Free
Evening at the Farm Brewery!

Wednesday May 4
8:30 – “Engaging the Postmodern Context: Narrative Preaching”
9:50 – Break time!
10:00 – Tri Circuit Housekeeping: Election of the Führer, and future town of conquest!
10:10 – “Engaging the Postmodern Context:
Fostering Participation in Preaching (Dialogical Preaching)”
11:30 – That’s all folks!

1. The Comfort Inn is a safe drive to and from The Colorado Farm Brewery. The rates are good AND they serve breakfast! Please contact the hotel directly for a room. No block of rooms has been reserved, so
first come first served.
2. Bring your camper. The Colorado Farm Brewery is a Harvest Host, but there are no hookups.
3. A van down by the river…

* Yes, there are other beer varietals, but for the sake of alliteration? No pastors or postmoderns were “seriously” harmed in the making of these beers.

† The Rev. Dr. David Schmitt holds the Gregg H. Benidt Memorial Endowed Chair in Homiletics and Literature at Concordia Seminary. He joined the faculty in 1995 and serves as Professor of Practical Theology. He has taught courses in preaching, evangelism, pastoral ministry, Christianity and literature, and the devotional life. Before coming to the seminary, Dr. Schmitt served as pastor of St. John the Divine in Chicago IL. He earned his M. Div. from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis (1988), an MA in English from the University of Illinois (1990) and an MA and a PhD in English from
Washington University in St. Louis (2005)

‡ Reading this chapter may cause severe Lutheran heartburn. Do not read chapter two if you are pregnant or think you may become pregnant… as it may contain chemicals known only in the State of California to produce defects such as unionism, syncretism, pantheism… and overwhelming feelings to coexist with all. Do not read chapter 2 if you are currently reading any Lutheran Confessional writings as folks doing this have been known to have ink thrown at them.