as of 2/20/2020

Calls Extended 

None at this time.


Calls Accepted

The Rev. Adam DeGroot, Faith in Christ, Albuquerque, N.M. mission St. Andrew's to Calvary, Rio Rancho, N.M. (Installation- 3/01/2020)

The Rev. Andrew Roettjer, St. Mark, Houston, Texas, Assoc. Pastor to Zion, Brighton, Colo., Assoc. Pastor  (Installation 2/29/2020)

Tara Wolf, King of Glory, Williamsburg, Va. to Redeemer, Ft. Collins, Colo. (Installation - 2/23/2020)


Calls Declined

The Rev. Kyle Winter, The Church at Creston, Kalispell, First, Salida, Colo. 

The Rev. Benjamin Delin, Our Savior, Pagosa Springs, Colo. to Redeemer, Bloomington, Minn. 


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