Christ, Breckenridge, CO to the Rev. Larry McGurer, Peace, Arvada, CO, Missionary -at- Large. Accepted. Installation July 6th.

Christ Our Redeemer, Bennett, CO to the Dr. George Naeem, Biblical Orthodox Lutheran Mission, Missionary - Accepted. Installation July 7th.

Immanuel, Albuquerque, NM to Emily Geisler, candidate status, Ft. Collins, CO- Accepted

Redeemer, Salt Lake City, UT to Brenda Olsen, Lutheran School Assoc., Decatur, IL- Accepted

Redeemer, Salt Lake City, UT to Betsy Schroeder, candidate status, Hankinson, SD- Accepted

Risen Savior, Broomfield, CO, Assoc. Pastor to the Rev. Bo Graham, St. Paul, Mt. Prospect, IL, Assoc. Pastor - Declined 

St. Pausl, Prior Lake, MN to the Dr. Bradley Stoltenow, Shepherd/Hills, Centennial, CO, Sr. Admin. Pastor

Zion, Brighton, CO to Anna (Polson) Smith, Commerce City, CO, candidate status - Accepted


Seminary Candidates:

Luke Scheele, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Mo. to Trinity, Cortez, Colo.- Ordination/ Installation- July 6th.


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