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2019 Rocky Mountain District Fall EducatorConference

OCTOBER 9- 11, 2019


Ministry these days seems to be moving into uncharted territory.  Our students receive and process information differently. Social lives are formed and maintained as much online as face to face. Families are struggling with mental health issues at an unprecedented rate. Technology and its implications for professional and personal lives seem to change daily. In a culture that is constantly evolving and shifting rapidly, educators, students, and parents are struggling to keep up with constant change. How can we best prepare our students for the inevitability of future change? How can we teach them to function in a world that we are attempting to understand even as it continues to change?  We are operating often outside of our comfort zones and off the map.

This fall's conference will:

  • focus on building systems that can and do respond to the change occurring in our culture. 
  • consider the unique potential of Lutheran schools and ministries in forming the kind of character that can face a changing world with resilience and confidence. 
  • discuss strategies for coming alongside parents to prepare them in this changing culture.
  • suggest strategies for engaging 21st century learners academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.
  • provide intentional connections with fellow educators around the challenges  and changes being faced in our classrooms, hallways, youth rooms, and sanctuaries. 



Andrew McPeak

 Andrew McPeak is a sought-after millennial communicator who brings a unique generational perspective to audiences. He is the co-author of Dr. Tim Elmore’s latest book Marching Off the Map and he has shared insights from this resource with educators, coaches and business leaders around the country. He also co-hosts the Leading the Next Generation with Tim Elmore podcast.

Marching Off the Map presents information on the world’s newest generation of students (Generation Z) and helps educators, coaches, and parents understand how to best connect with and lead them in our classrooms and in a rapidly changing world.





In addition to large group sessions, networking, and keynote speakers, the conference will include breakout sessions on various topics. We are seeking educators to lead 45 minute sessions on a variety topics of interest and expertise. If you are interested in leading a breakout session, please click HERE submit a breakout proposal.



Watch for details on registration costs and dates to be announced soon.

Limited grants for registration scholarships are available. 

Inquiries regarding these scholarships should be sent to Paul Albers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..






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