The Rocky Mountain District's Board of Directors and President Schlechte seek to hire a Bookkeeper/Office Administrator.  The individual will be responsible for the day-to-day operations manager for our office. We are a non-profit, Lutheran Church support office. Duties require experience with online accounting software, HR, budgeting, bill paying, and accounts management. Event planning and management experience preferred. 

Candidates should have strong interpersonal skills and be a self-motivated, team player. We are a service minded, people- focused organization. An active, practicing Christian, preferably an LCMS Lutheran is being sought. Candidate must submit to a full background screening process. 

The District bookkeeper/office administrator shall, in consultation with the President and other Executives, supervise District office personnel, evaluate procedures and maintain equipment. He shall advise the President, the other District Executives and the Board of Directors concerning budget preparation and management. Duties include:

1. Supervising the work of the Editor of the Rocky Mountain District Edition of THE LUTHERAN WITNESS and the Archivist-Historian;

2. Administering The District communications, including website and other social media; 3. Securing regular reports to be obtained from appointed committees and officers, together

with any recommendations they may desire to make with regard to their work;

4. Leading the staff’s preparation of the annual detailed District Mission and Ministry Program;

5. Supervising the expenditures to make sure that expenditures are being made as authorized and are in line with the flow of receipts;

6. Supervising the operation and maintenance of the District office;

7. Maintaining District properties and securing provision for insurance against loss or damage;

8. Ensuring requirements and procedures for District compliance with all applicable state, federal and municipal laws governing employees of the District are current and kept;

9. Ensuring all applicable legal and procedural accounting practices are followed in alignment with Federal laws, Synod's requirements, and District bylaws.

Salary negotiable. Full individual and family benefits provided. Some travel required. For more information or to submit your resume, please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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