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Department of Labor Overtime Rule Changes

Effective December 1, 2016, new regulations go into effect issued by the Department of Labor with regard to FLSA classification of employees and the overtime rules.  Specifically, the areas that were amended are the salary threshold and the salary test that allows employers to include commissions and other incentive payments, such as bonuses, up to 10% of the new salary level.  There is no change to the duties test.

Two documents have been created to hopefully provide additional clarity to this regulation; one is a decision tree to utilize in determining whether a particular employees status would be exempt or not under this new regulation.  The second is a legal opinion obtained to provide a brief outline of the new regulation.  Additionally, click here and you can view a brief 10 minute video that provides further explanation, including the exemption of ministers from this DOL regulation.

In general, there are three means by which you can mitigate this new regulation’s impact to the church or school budget should an employee’s status meet the tests:

  1. Forbid or limit overtime hours (this may also require a review and/or update to a policy document that addresses overtime pay).
  2. Reduce employees to less than a 40 hour a week work week.
  3. Increase salary of employees who meet the duties test of an administrative or professional employee to new salary threshold.

We hope these resources will help you better navigate these new changes.


Revisions to Constitution & Bylaws

Periodically, congregations should review and revise, when necessary, their constitution and bylaws.  If your congregation is preparing to revise its constitution or bylaws, click for guidelines on drafting revisions.  Also, click to review the step by step process for Constitution and Bylaw review and approval.

If your congregation has already made amendments to your constitution, you may electronically submit the whole constitution with changes, showing the before and after (in different color font) to  If you have questions, please contact the District office.  Once the revised constitution is received, a review will be conducted by the District’s Constitution Committee.  Approved constitutions will be given to the Rocky Mountain District Board of Directors for adoption from which the congregation may then present before their voters assembly for adoption.

Concordia Plans Services Announcement

Concordia Plan Services (CPS) has created a website dedicated to helping Concordia Health Plan (CHP) members better understand the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or health care reform law, and to highlight what CPS has done so far to comply with the ACA as well as what we plan to do in the future.  From the CPS home page, on the lower left, a banner rotates back and forth about both Health Care Reform and Retirement Plan Changes.  As information evolves about the ACA, and the impact to LCMS Ministries, we will provide updates here. So please visit often!

Visit the CPS home page:

Our team is here to help and serve you.  General questions can be answered by our Call Center Representatives toll-free at 888-927-7526.

Rocky Mountain District Audit

The audit of the fiscal year January 31, 2016 of the Rocky Mountain District has been completed. If you would like a copy of this audit, please send a written request to the District office to the attention of Doug Ullmann, Executive Administrator.