New free resources for outreach to immigrants

Two new books are now available, free of charge, from the Lutheran Heritage Foundation (LHF): the Arabic Small Catechism and the Spanish Bible with Small Catechism (3rd edition).

The Arabic Small Catechism, which was printed in partnership with Lutheran Hour Ministries, is proving to be especially helpful in campus ministries and in English as a Second Language (ESL) settings.

“The Arabic catechism is the only Lutheran literature available in Arabic,” said Rev. Hicham Chehab, who directs an Arab outreach ministry in the Chicago area. “It is the best tool to start with for evangelism or for discipleship to the Arab-speaking people.”

Similarly, for several years, Hispanic ministries in the United States have heavily relied on LHF’s Spanish Bible with Small Catechism for new member classes, as gifts at baptism, and for prison ministries. What makes this edition different is that the Bible and all the catechism Scripture references use the RVC translation of the Bible, which is easier for many American Hispanics to read and understand.

The Spanish Bible with Small Catechism is available in paperback and in hardcover.

As with all of LHF’s materials, the Arabic catechism and Spanish Bibles are available at no cost to the churches, ministries and individuals who need them. For those who are able, donations help cover the cost of shipping and allows LHF to continue in its mission of translating and publishing Lutheran books around the world.

To order either of these books, call the LHF office at (800)554-0723 or send an email to

LHF is a recognized service organization of the LCMS and has translated and published more than 700 Lutheran books into 85 languages. To learn more about this mission, or to see the list of LHF publications, visit the LHF website at