Biblical Orthodox Lutheran Mission

Founded for the purpose of offering an internet seminary to those who are converting to Christianity from other religions, most often, those of the Muslim religion, BOLM has been a great blessing. Lead by Dr. Rev. George Naeem, a Lutheran pastor, was born in Egypt and worked for many years as a medical physician. He grew up among Muslims and understands Islam. The center of his mission is to bring Jesus Christ to the Muslim world. He is spreading the Gospel through radio messages, BOLM internet, lectures, and mailings. Dr. Naeem has formed an international seminary, teaching Lutheran doctrine which reaches out to students on virtually every continent. The mission of BOLM is to offer bible studies and to help new converts strengthen their faith by answering their questions and providing them with supplies.

Muslims are taught not to question what is written in the Koran and its teachings. In spite of that there are many who are hearing the Gospel for the first time, some from missionaries and some through the broadcasts on BOLM. Lutheran Pastors share lectures and sermons with Pastor Naeem who then translates them into the Arabic language. The numbers of people converting to Christianity are growing every day. Many who seek to hear the Gospel and learn more of Christ are persecuted by their families and other Muslims. Many have been tortured, both those who seek to learn and missionaries who teach.

The mission outreach of BOLM has made a dramatic impact on the lives of many people throughout the world, introducing people to Jesus Christ as their Savior. Some of the more remarkable conversions have been among Muslim people in otherwise closed societies where Christian missionaries are legally restricted from evangelizing.

One such convert is a former Imam, a Muslim scholar and leader of one of the largest Mosques in his country. Two years ago, he came to the BOLM internet website. He initially listened to the lectures with great hatred, criticizing all that he read. In spite of his hard-heartedness, the BOLM teachers accepted him in a spirit of Christian love, and with great patience answered all his questions. Over the course of those two years, he was moved by the Holy Spirit and began conversing directly with Pastor Naeem. Subsequently he, his wife, and their three children have been baptized into the Christian faith. They were targeted by the Muslims and had to flee their country. With the help of BOLM supporters, they fled to Sweden where this former Imam has founded a new mission for BOLM. In this way, God has used his personal conversion and persecution to open a whole new mission field for the Gospel.

Please also pray for the ministry of BOLM as it continues to reach out worldwide with this effective Gospel ministry. Please also consider a special gift in support of BOLM, as the need for this ministry continues to grow.

Gifts in support of BOLM may be sent to the Rocky Mountain District, 14334 E. Evans Avenue, Aurora, CO 80014. Please note on your check that your gift is intended for BOLM.